The Benefits of Vinyl Wraps


If a car has high quality or factory paint job, car wrapping can only do two things for it: cover it and protect it. Wrapping your car will protect the paintwork of your car. It acts like a barrier from any chemicals, bird droppings, harsh car washes, weather exposure, rocks and other debris, light scuffs and scratches, and the normal wear of time.

A driver should be picky about what sort of vinyl is used to guarantee the best results. Vinyl does not provide the same level of protection as PPF.


The biggest drawback when purchasing a car is the limited selection of colors. Vinyl wraps solve that problem! Now, this is the fun part! Vinyl wraps have so many options it’ll make anyone’s head spin. Suntamers vinyl wraps come in various colors and custom design of your choice. You can customize the interior to match your exterior design too. Finishes include gloss, matte, satin, chrome, snakeskin, and flip colors.

You can easily display your personality and preferences on the outside of your car.

Protection Against Scratch, Abrasion, & Rust

Your car paint can get scratched from a simple body rub, using inappropriate cleaning tools, and from pet scratch marks. Scrub mitts, wash sponge, and terry towels made of cheap materials will scratch the paint because they are hard on the surface. Your watch, your ring, and your bracelets could accidentally brush against your car’s door. Bike racks or roof racks not installed correctly could also scratch, if not dent, your car.

All these scratches expose your car’s body to air and water. Rust is formed when iron and oxygen react with moisture in the air. Wrapping your car with vinyl means your car’s exterior is protected from scratches and won’t be in direct contact with water or the sun, meaning that the development of rust won’t occur.

Cost & Time Efficient

A custom paint job requires a certain level of commitment. A show-room quality custom paint job’s price starts at $10,000 going up and that’s not even a guarantee that you’ll get a flawless paint job. If your car has dents and rust expect the price to go a little bit higher as well with a paint job. As you may have known, it takes weeks to paint a car. What’s worse is that a slight mistake could ruin your plans for the next car show in town.

Vinyl wraps from Suntamers take away all those worries. You can work with professionals to print your design on a vinyl film and have them install the vinyl car wrap on your ride within a day or two. It is error-proof and it’s fast and easy to make those corrections right away.

Easy To Wash

Just like a paint job, vinyl-car wrap definitely needs proper maintenance if they’re going to remain at the same dazzling quality. Suntamers recommends car wraps be hand washed only, at least once a week, with a cleaning agent tailored explicitly to the vinyl wrap. Hand washing also extends the life of the wrap, getting the real worth out of the modification.

While it may seem like handwashing your wrap is a hassle, dirt doesn’t stick to vinyl like it sticks to your car’s paintwork. Vinyl also acts like ceramic coating, as it repels water. With less of the normal dirt, dust, and grime staying on your vehicle, the time spent to get it clean is lower.  With less dirt, dust, and grime on your car, clean-up is easier too.

Easily Replaced

If you decide to sell your car or want to try a different look, vinyl wraps can be removed. Individual panels on a wrap can become damaged and need replacing. However, whether it’s an upgraded look or replacing individual panels, matching the color of a custom paint job is a challenge. Vinyl wraps make it easier since you only need to match the current wrapping on your car, and you don’t have to rewrap the whole body.

Repainting, on the other hand, is timely and costly. You would have to pay for the disassembly and reassembly of panels. If there are rusty and dented areas, you would have to pay a bit more too.

On top of that, it usually takes days to get the job done, and you’re without a car for a few days, and that’s a hassle.

Our Most Popular Vinyl Wrap Options

Available At Our Burlington Location Only

Chrome Delete Wraps

Head and Taillight Wraps

Hood Wraps

Roof Wraps

Spoiler Wraps

Stripe Packages

Trim & Surround Wraps


Our Favorite Projects

Accent The Style

This 2017 Lexus GS was a project where our team showcased all our skills. Not only did we tint the windows to protect the passengers, we installed paint protection film on the front end and ceramic coating on the rest of the car. Once this beautiful executive car was fully protected from the damage the sun and road could do, it was time to go to work on the appearance.

To change the look of this Lexus GS, Suntamers wrapped the mirrors in gloss black vinyl. We also deleted the chrome trim around the windows and grill with the same style vinyl. The chrome delete and mirrors gives this Lexus a subtle style and appearance without damaging the original trim on the vehicle allowing the customer to keep the trade-in value.

Ask the team at Suntamers how vinyl accents can customize your vehicle’s appearance and style. Get your free quote today.

Subtle Changes

Sometimes a subtle change is enough to make a difference. A subtle change of the emblem color on this white Chevy Cruze combined with some ceramic window tint was more than enough to make this Cruze unique.

Using white matte vinyl, Suntamers was able to change the gold Chevy Bowtie. With nearly 2 million of these sedans on the road today, a subtle customization like the wrapped emblem is enough to make this Cruze stand apart from its cousins.

Ask the team at Suntamers how vinyl accents can subtlely your vehicle’s appearance and style. Get your free quote today. 

Customized UTV

There is no better feeling than getting out on the golf course for many of our customers. Whether they are playing Alamance Country Club, the award-winning Players Course at Bryan Park, or any of the 14 courses surrounding Wilmington, they claim their worst day on the golf course is still better than their best day at work.

One of these golf fanatics stopped by Suntamers and wanted to see if they could customize their golf cart. Suntamers took this plain white cart and wrapped it with a carbon fiber vinyl. This change made the cart look more aggressive and turns heads on the golf course.

Let the pros at Suntamers customize your golf cart, side by side, 4-wheeler, or other ATVs/UTVs with a vinyl wrap or accents.

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