Benefits of Suntamers Commercial Tint

Define Your Building’s Appearance

A fresh window tinting treatment will make your building look smarter. Tint creates an immediate impact on how your business is perceived from the outside – by customers, competitors and people who never even noticed you before. First impressions matter, people will judge you by your professional appearance. Make the best impression with commercial window films on your building or in your office. Commercial window films today offer a large selection of styles and designs to suit almost any environment. Thus, using commercial window tinting can help your building improve its curb appeal. During competitive times, where you and your competitors offer the same benefits, that can become an intangible differentiator.  Raising the visual appeal of your building can aid in closing a transaction faster than anticipated. With added confidence that comes from showing off facilities that will impress potential customers, securing just a few more deals will pay for the cost of the tinting, and more!

 With expert advice from Suntamers, you can create an inviting, refreshing escape from the summer heat, or hint at a comfortable, professional, or edgy and mysterious ambiance within. Chances are, you’ll bring in more business.

Commercial Tinting Saves You Money

The summer months can be uncontrollably hot but there is a way to protect your home from the heat and stay cool. Window tint for your home is the most efficient way to reduce heat, providing up to 78% heat reduction versus untreated glass. Suntamers residential window tint packages offer a way to reflect the sun’s UV rays away and prevent your home from absorbing heat. When the heat of the sun is reflected, your home can stay at a consistent temperature more easily. Save on your utility bills because your home is better protected against the heat since you no longer need to run the air conditioner in certain rooms to keep your whole home comfortable. 

Tired of having to squint to see inside your own home or can’t view your computer or television due to the sun’s rays? Glare from the sun can have a significant impact on your comfort and productivity. Most people enjoy the feel and aesthetic of sunlight pooling in their living spaces, but too much sun can cause disruptive glare, hampering recreational television watching. While solutions such as curtains and blinds are a preventive measure, they must be closed to block out the sunlight, leaving you in the dark. Window film eliminates this troublesome glare, giving the resident the best of both worlds with a warm, bright interior that is free of distracting reflections.  

Whatever the cause—direct sun, reflections from snow, water, or surrounding buildings—Suntamers has a perfect window film solution to help reduce annoying glare.

Reduce Energy Costs & energy usage

The costs associated with keeping a busy commercial building warm or, particularly, cool is a significant and often overlooked business expense. Commercial window tinting reduces this overhead by keeping the interior air temperature more consistent. Suntamers commercial window tinting film can make any building up to 15 degrees cooler by blocking as much as 85 percent of the heat from the sun. Even further, commercial building tint has benefits for both the summer and winter seasons. When you add commercial window tint to your business, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard.

Saving time and money is directly correlated to the longevity of a successful business, and window tint can help you achieve that. Businesses will see an immediate return on any window tinting investment when commercial films from Suntamers are installed by lowering the energy and operating costs every month.


Maintain A Comfortable Work Environment

Sunlit environments are subject to problems like hotspots, glare, heat, and fluctuating temperatures. Suntamers knows it is vital to keep employees, clients, guests, and shoppers comfortable. Commercial window tinting films screen out significant amounts of UV rays, heat, and glare from entering your work environment. By softening the light, balancing the temperature, and maintaining a comfortable work environment all year-round, your employees will spend their working time more effectively when you invest in window tinting. Spending less time distracted by glare from the sun, struggling to find warmer or cooler air, fetching cold drinks or rearranging screens, blinds, and desktops to stay comfortable at work, your employees are more productive without these distractions. Commercial window tinting also makes everybody more productive by reducing distractions from outside, especially if windows overlook a busy street where passers by can see in.

Commercial window tinting film reduces the glare from the sun while still allowing light to shine through. Natural sunlight instead of overhead lights does a much better job of showcasing your property. Eliminate the “fishbowl effect” caused by traditional glare reduction products like blinds or curtains. An open environment looks larger and increases productivity and communication across teams by letting natural light in but keeping the glare out.

Interior Building Protection

Office facilities are refreshed and replaced frequently and at great expense, as soon as they begin to look less than presentable to employees and potential clients. Tennants are busy, keen to coexist, and unlikely to have the room or motivation to reposition and protect furnishings as they would at home. Any furniture, carpets, and textiles in a sunny spot are vulnerable to fading and discoloration from powerful UV rays. Thanks to its UV blocking capabilities, window tinting will protect contents from sun damage and keep their colors and finishes longer. In the medium to long term, that will save on replacement costs and extend the life of many items by years.

In addition to protecting your common area furnishings, commercial window tint provides better security and privacy. The glass and windows may be one of the most vulnerable parts or your building. Adding window tinting to your office space, prevents those on the outside from having a view of the inside. That reduces the possibility of theft through break-ins significantly. Should your building  get hit by a storm or wind and rain are aggressive, projectiles can impact your windows. A protective commercial window tint layer helps prevent glass shards from flying all over the place and hurting the customers and workers.

Protect from UV Rays

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window tint as part of a comprehensive skin program for cars, homes, and businesses. UV rays can travel through car, home, and business windows, adding to the daily accumulation of sun exposure leading to potential skin cancer risks and premature aging. Instead of lathering on sunscreen before you head to work or wearing long sleeves, hats, and sunglasses in the office, consider commercial window tinting from Suntamers. Window film can block out over 99% of harmful UV rays, helping you protect your investments, merchandise, customers, and employees.

Suntamers Commercial Window Tint Packages

Available in our Burlington & Oak Island Locations 

Solar Window Tint

Thicker than decorative film but not as thick as security films, solar window tint for your building’s windows is the best option for improving energy efficiency. Solar Window tint absorbs and reflects up to 99 percent of UV rays from the sun. The combination of absorption and reflection keeps the space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter making your building more energy-efficient. Solar tint also makes the building more functional by reducing glare, improving the productivity, and functionality of your tenant’s overall space. The rejection of up to 99% of harmful UV rays protects the employees and clients of your building. Finally, solar window film protects your furniture and flooring from fading due to sunlight. 

Available in tones ranging from silver to copper, solar window film is sure to define your building’s appearance and attract attention while providing tenants privacy.

Schedule your consultation today and learn how Suntamers solar window tint can benefit your building or commercial property.

dEcorative Window Tint

The thinnest of all commercial tint, decorative window film absorbs a minimal amount of heat and UV rays. Decorative film makes your office space extraordinary with an array of patterns to complement the style and décor of office partitions, conference rooms, entrances, staircases, and bathrooms.

Suntamers decorative film can be cut into one-of-a-kind patterns, creating a unique atmosphere that welcomes customers and inspires employees. Add an element of style to any space, since decorative films can be easily removed and replaced as trends change.

Schedule your consultation today and learn how Suntamers decorative window tint can benefit your building or commercial property.

Safety, Security, & Anti-Graffiti Films

Whether it is Mother Nature, vandals, or criminals, broken glass makes your property vulnerable or unattractive. The thickest film for windows, safety, security, & anti-graffiti window films prevent the window from shattering completely by restricting the damage to a large crack, in effect allowing your window to hold out longer.

Available in clear and neutral tones, safety & security film keep shattered glass together, deterring potential break-ins, and offers proven protection against glass breakage from violent weather. Anti-Graffiti film offers an inexpensive solution to eyesores caused by graffiti, allowing you to simply replace the film instead of the defaced window or glass door.

Schedule your consultation today and learn how Suntamers safety, security, & anti-graffiti window films can benefit your building or commercial property.

Our Favorite Projects

Making Space Useful

Commercial Spaces not only need to be useful, they need to be comfortable. 

When the manager called us looking for a way to make this conference room functional all day long, we immediately suggested a silver reflective film. Not only would this film block out any glare caused by the sun, but the mirror effect also keeps bystanders from watching your meetings. 

Call the pros at Suntamers today and make all your commercial spaces functional and comfortable as well.  

Protection while keeping visibility

For this project, the client wanted to keep the ability to see customers coming in from the parking lot. They also wanted to protect their employees, their furnishings, and their customers from the sun’s rays’ damage. To meet these goals, Suntamers suggested a neutral film with an 80% VLT. 

The warm neutral appearance adds minimal color to the natural view and 99% UV ray protection. Add in the maximum heat and glare reduction to the low exterior reflection, and you have a perfect film for many commercial projects. 

Let Suntamers show you all the available options for your building and trust our expertise in finding the right solution.

Elegant Privacy

In this project, the client looked to block visibility while adding a new, refreshing look to the windows. They wanted a ”sand-blasted” look and maximum privacy. Suntamers came up with this blend of White-Out and White Frost decorative films to create this unique effect.

The lower part of this window used White-Out film to maintain maximum privacy. The White-Frost lets some of the outside light in, giving the window the sand-blasted effect.


Contact the pros at Suntamers to learn how decorative film can be used to change the look and feel of your office space.

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