The Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Protection from UV Damage & Oxidization

A ceramic coating provides paint protection by acting as a shell against a variety of paint-damaging sources. You can only imagine the damage that the sun’s harmful UV rays can do to your car’s paint job. For the most part, leaving your car in the sun for too long tends to cause the car’s paint to fade and even crack. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can oxidize and fade car paint, or even contribute to rusting.

Ceramic coating will protect your car’s paint from oxidizing, preventing it from fading and wearing a dull look. Ceramic Coating from Suntamers is absolutely critical if you park your car outside.

Protection from Chemical Stains & Etching

On any given day, a car has to endure a variety of attacks to its paint, from accidental scratches to mud, dirt, and other contaminants that are an inescapable part of the road. The nano-coating formed by professionally applied ceramic coating from Suntamers provides a strong, protective surface to the car’s body that can block all manner of foreign matter and prevent them from causing damage to the car.

By creating a resistant surface, the ceramic coating can keep some contaminants from bonding to your vehicle’s paint. Ceramic coating takes the beating of these contaminants first preventing the paint from fading or peeling off. The result is that your vehicle will be more resistant to staining and etching, provided the contaminant is removed in a timely manner.

Repel rain, mud, and dirt

When it comes to waxing and other types of detailing, washing your car becomes a headache. With ceramic coating, you don’t have to worry about the polymer wearing off. Not only does it blend with your car’s paint but also repels water. This means that all water-based dirt and grime will bead on the surface and eventually slide off. A quick jet wash afterward and you have yourself a spotless, ageless car.

This doesn’t mean your car never needs washing. You just won’t have to wash your car as frequently, but roads still contain dust and grime that will build up over time. Additionally, the car wash will not require a ton of effort on your part, dirt should come off without much resistance.

Enhances the Look of Paintwork

This is where the aesthetics of ceramic coating all car owners seem to love comes into play. Much like car bra, ceramic coating adds gloss and depth into your car’s paint. It will give your car a glossy look, bringing the best out of the original paint job. Cars with a ceramic coating will shine and look closer to new for longer periods of time.

Ceramic coating’s translucent, second-skin nature will protect a fresh paint job on a car and keep it looking glossy. A good ceramic coating enhances the reflective properties of your car’s paint and clear coat, adding to the depth and clarity of your paint.

However, this sparkling appearance can only be achieved if the proper prep work was done before the coating was applied. Faded paint, haze, or swirl marks will still be present if they were not taken care of before the ceramic application.

If you want your paint to pop with gloss, you will want to add a professionally applied Ceramic Coating from Suntamers.

Ceramic Coatings Last Longer

Car owners add coatings to their vehicles to protect their car’s paint. Wax and sealants only last a few months at the most. A ceramic coating goes much further than an ordinary wax job for protecting the surface of the vehicle. While a ceramic coating provides the longest-lasting shine, it does require the most time and expertise to apply. The application process involves a thorough cleaning of the car’s surface of any dirt, debris or even swirl marks, and then an easy application of the ceramic coating.

Traditional vehicle coatings, such as wax, wear off over time when exposed to the weather, acidic components of the atmosphere, and bird droppings. Ceramic coatings by the experts at Suntamers last for years.

Acts as a Protective Coating

Getting a car waxed was the older equivalent of getting a special coating for your car to protect its surface. The problem, of course, is that the wax sealant provides less protection, and eventually wears off, which means a fresh coat needs to be reapplied several times a year. On the other hand, a single ceramic coating often ensures that you never need another wax job – ever!

Ceramic coating protects against light scratches, UV rays, and corrosion. When cured, this ceramic coating will transform itself on the surface of your automobile into a permanent, durable yet flexible shield. Ceramic coatings is best described as an additional clear coat, with 3 times the hardness of your automobile’s factory finish and self-cleaning properties.

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